03 julio 2018

Storytellers Vault Project

I've recently gotten into a very special project. White Wolf, the "powerful" role-playing company, has opened Storytellers Vault, an online shop where fans can sell their very self-made game products. They have permission to use the names, places and titles that are White Wolf`s property (including the famous Vampire The Masquerade), in exchange of 50% of the sales price that each seller decides for their product.

Of course, my bet is a graphic one. Following this same link you can find three pdf documents containing quite a few character portraits for Vampire: The Masquerade, new and exclusively made for this project, 8x8 cm and 300 pps each one, at a truly reasonable price.

Conditions are the following: these portraits can be used to illustrate derivative and commercial products as long as they are not modified, their authorship is attributed and your products are only distributed and sold through Storytellers Vault. Otherwise, they are also usable for your own games (you can print them without problems, attach them to character sheets, etc...). Even most of them would also fit in other games of urban-fantastic-horror-modern theme...

Have you thought about it? Well, here you have the link again.

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